Still amongst the living

Just a minor update to say I am still alive and kicking, but still not doing any projects outside of client work. I switched off of the major client that I had been dealing with previously, after about 3 years of exclusivity, but found that I had really burnt myself out while working with them and their pace. After that I was, and still am, all about being laid back and relaxing at the end of the day, even cutting back on the amount of books I had been reading previously.

About a year after the switch I realized I hadn’t taken a decent vacation yet still, so I went to Peru and spent a couple weeks there last summer (their winter) and enjoyed myself while there. I can’t speak anything but basic Spanish, badly at that, but did meet great folks and had a relaxing time even while rushing all around to see sights; mostly Trujillo, Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. Good times~

TL;DL Still kicking, no longer with my burn-out client, and took a personal vacation that was awesome.

Post? Where are the posts?

Yeah, about that… Since getting my current job and being put on the project over two years ago, I haven’t worked on any side projects nor really updated this. That said, I don’t expect that to change. so don’t hold your breath for another update any time soon.

Here is how I’m feeling atm, though you can ignore the first panel obviously. 😉

Moving to the Desert

Phoenix, AZ might not technically be the desert, but it will be some dry heat and farther West than I’ve ever lived before. Mid-July I’ll be starting my employment at a company called Unicon out in Gilbert, AZ, thus the change in location. I’m looking forward to both the social and educational opportunities this will move will afford me, because like the 45th Rule of Acquisition states: "Expand, or die."

This has been part of the reason for my lack of posts during the second quarter, so I hope to be back and writing here more frequently starting in September. By then I hope to have my iContact API updated to version 3 which will also be compatible with my iContact Widget for WordPress. If anyone is interested in helping me develop or test it, just leave a comment here. 🙂