I’ve noticeably been absent for most of the second half of 2012, though I doubt anyone really missed my blog that much. ;P

My new job has been going well, and I’ve been kept actively coding and learning new languages enough that I haven’t been interested in doing any side research or other projects. Sadly, this also included my plan to do a WordPress theme from scratch, but oh well, another year gives me another opportunity. Later this month I’ll be giving a presentation on CouchDB, so I’ll post my presentation notes for that afterwards in case anyone else is interested in them.

In regards to the iContact API and Plugin, I’ve stopped development on it; I decided that there wasn’t much of anything else I could do for the API to make it easier without also making it harder, and the WordPress Plugin wasn’t something easy enough to truly be of help to the average user without coding experience. I hope those that are using it enjoy it and it helps. ­čÖé

Happy New Year and a blessed 2013 to all!